Great Place To Work

In our industry there are many certificates, and we are very proud of the Great Place To Work®certificate.

Ola Bjelkvik, CEO:

We have been conducting employee surveys since 2011. Employees evaluate us as an employer when it comes to leadership, fairness, equality, trust, respect and community, i.e. things that are crucial for building really good workplaces. The employee surveys give employees' views on what works well and what we can do better together. All employees participate in meetings where the results of the employee survey are presented and improvement activities are developed. The improvement activities are then prioritized for implementation. In this way, we constantly make improvements with the aim of creating an even better workplace.

What we offer

In addition to an exciting workplace with great colleagues, you also get access to personal skills development, access to the Benify benefits portal, occupational health care and all the coffee you can drink.

And of course we have collective agreements too.

About us

We are Scandinavia's largest powder coater of aluminum profiles. Our business is based on solid industry knowledge and we have extensive experience in powder coating and processing of aluminum. We currently have 150 employees and have been located in Sävsjö in Småland since 1997.

“Good colleagues”
“We help each other here.”
“That there are many like-minded,
We are like a family.”
“That you can be yourself.”